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In this Cointree Australia review, I will discuss what features the Australian Cryptocurrency exchange offers its users. I will look into how it enables users to buy, sell and swap Cryptocurrencies. Also I will review the trading fees involved in a Cointree account and show you how to get started. I hope you enjoy my Cointree reviews and find it helpful. 

Buy Crypto | Trade Crypto | Pay Bills with Crypto: Cointree

A Crypto exchange to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrency. You can pay bills in Crypto & and sign up with an SMSF.

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What is Cointree?

Cointree Australia is one of many Australian crypto exchanges. Unlike Digital Surge and Swyftx that are based in Brisbane, Cointree is an Australian based crypto exchange that operates from Melbourne. 

Cointree is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell and swap over 280+ digital assets. Cointree account holders can create either a personal Cointree account, or they can create an SMSF Cointree account.

Cryptocurrency exchanges like the Cointree exchange aren’t required to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). This is due to the fact that Cryptocurrency isn’t classed as a financial product currently. As such Cointree Australia is only required to abide by Australian Law and not to ASIC.

Cointree is also registered by AUSTRAC, and therefore must abide by their reporting guidelines. Which include but are not limited to Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) suspicions or Anti Money Laundering (AML).

As Cointree is a crypto exchange it will need to comply with any future changes in regulation. Regulation is changing at a rapid rate and I am sure Cointree will review and monitor this regularly. For now though, they are a compliant cryptocurrency platform.

Cointree Australia Reviews
Cointree Australia

How Does Cointree Australia Work?

Cointree is an Australian crypto exchange that offers 280+ digital assets to its users. Users are able to trade cryptocurrencies and alt coins like Dogecoin as well as buy cryptocurrency and sell cryptocurrency. 

A user is able to create an individual or a Self Managed Super Fund account with ease on the Cointree website. Users are provided with a Cointree wallet which will hold their digital currency. From here they are able to trade, buy and sell digital currency. Similarly to Digital Surge, Cointree offers Australian investors the ability to pay their bills with crypto. You are unable to stake crypto within Cointree, or earn yield through lending the assets out, like you can with Celsius.

Cointree provides simple crypto investing with some of the lowest trading fees and a great customer service team. Users have access to low fees on trading digital assets and no withdrawal fees or deposit fees on fiat currency.

Cointree Australia reviews
Cointree accounts

Cointree Review – Features

Cryptocurrency is very volatile and carries risk as does any other investment. So I hope this Cointree review will help provide information for you to better understand the pros and cons of the platform. It is important to do your own research when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. 

If you are new to Crypto and want to start off small, then a potential Crypto platform to look into is Bamboo. Bamboo is a crypto micro-investing mobile app that lets you buy crypto from rounding up your spare change.

However, if you are interested in buying bitcoin with low trading fees, or want to pay your bills with crypto, then keep reading this Cointree review to learn more. Cointree enables their users the ability to purchase and sell over 280+ different types of cryptocurrency, including Dogecoin. As well as trading coins and paying BPAY bills with cryptocurrency.

Cointree Australia Reviews
Get Started

Buy & Sell

The Cointree dashboard has a fresh looking user interface which is appealing for investors. If you are new to cryptocurrency investing then make sure you do your own research and avoid any scammers. 

Cointree has over 280+ cryptocurrencies to choose from, including alternative coins like Dogecoin or Axie Infinity. A differentiating factor that Cointree provides is it highlights pre-made portfolios with different assets and weightings.

You are able to search for assets you like and they show pre-made portfolios with these assets in and show their performance. I think this is a cool feature for more context, however I wouldn’t rely on just choosing a portfolio like this, as they often have other assets too. Which you may know nothing about. Still, upon review it is a cool feature Cointree offers that other platforms don’t.

You are able to buy and sell digital assets either instantly or by setting up a recurring investment through their auto invest feature. I really like auto invest features as it takes all emotion out of investing. There will be a flat fee of 0.9% when you buy or sell instantly, this can be lowered with higher trading volume. You are also able to swap cryptocurrency, for example bitcoin to Dogecoin. This will incur a 0.25% fee which can also be lowered with higher trading volume.

Pay bills with Crypto
Pay bills with Crypto

Pay bills with Crypto

A feature that is starting to become more popular is the ability to pay your bills with crypto. Other crypto exchanges like Digital Surge also facilitate this option, although only with Bitcoin.

Cointree Australia enables users to pay bills in fiat currency from their crypto holdings via the BPAY bill functionality. Through BPAY you are also able to pay a credit card bill with crypto. You are able to use any asset on the Cointree digital currency exchange to pay your bill.

When you go to pay a bill Cointree will convert your chosen crypto from your crypto wallet and then sell the appropriate amount of cryptocurrency to cover the bill’s value in Australian dollars. While this is still quite a novel feature, the cointree fees are quite high, 1% to use this feature plus the sell fee of 0.9%. So it is worth doing the maths to see if this is appropriate for your situation.

Customer Support

It is extremely annoying when being unable to get in touch with customer support, especially when it’s to do with your crypto bag! The Cointree customer service team is reachable through live chat through their ticketing system or phone call availability during standard work hours. Failing that their help centre is full of articles that will likely answer your question.

Rush Gold
Rush Gold

Gold Bullion

A cool feature that Cointree Australia offers which other cryptocurrency exchanges don’t is the ability to buy physical gold bullion. Cointree partnered with Rush Gold to provide this service. Rush Gold allows users to invest in physical Gold bullion, through an app. Rush Gold stores the Gold in their vaults but their users have a direct title to this Gold.

Interestingly, this Gold is also insured by Lloyds of London. The Gold is stored via Brink Global Services, which is one of the world’s leading precious metals custodians. The Gold is physically audited on an annual basis by Bureau Veritas. So while you don’t physically hold the gold you have access to precious metal investing through Cointree too.

This is a very cool feature included within the Cointree platform. However, I should note that Rush Gold also has their own app that facilitates users to do the same thing. So if this is the reason you are considering Cointree, I would suggest looking at this app individually and considering a cheaper crypto platform to use instead. 

Cointree Education
Cointree Education

Cointree Reviews – Education

Getting into crypto can be very daunting, with so much new terminology and concepts to get your bread around. That is why a big part of reviewing a platform like Cointree is also looking at their education platform. I want to mention here that no matter how good the educational resources are, you should still do your own research or seek professional advice from financial planners or an accountant.

Cointree’s learning hub is pretty good. I really like how on the Cointree website they break the content down into different levels of experience for readers. This way it helps prevent users getting put off by perhaps more advanced information.

The learning hub from Cointree Australia does a really cool job with their ‘Chapters” providing lots of content on each aspect of Crypto. However, my favourite educational platform within the crypto industry is Swyftx. I feel they do the best job of educating their users. 

Cointree Australia Reviews
Cointree Fees

Cointree Review – Fees

Fees should always be one of the biggest key features to review when looking into cryptocurrency exchanges. Here I will review and discuss Cointree trading fees and how they compare to the crypto market and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cointree trading fees have a multi-tiered structure that essentially rewards their more active traders with lower fees. The flat fee to sell or buy crypto is 0.9% meanwhile it is 0.25% to trade coins. 

Cointree doesn’t show their spreads which makes it a bit difficult to compare against some of the best Australian crypto exchanges like Swfytx and Digital Surge.

An interesting approach taken by Cointree is regarding the multi-tiered trading fees structure. If you have larger trading volume, or referrals to the platform you get discounted trading fees. See the image for the different tiers and the relevant fees for each. 

Cointree Australia doesn’t charge a deposit or withdrawal fee of fiat currency from or to your Australian bank account. You are able to fund your Cointree wallet via bank transfer, or other payment options like PayID. Options other than a bank transfer may incur a fee from that service provider. 

Cointree Reviews
Cointree Portfolios

Cointree Review – SMSF

Cryptocurrencies have been added to a lot of SMSF portfolios in recent years due to their meteoric rise. Thai has been facilitated by platforms like the Cointree cryptocurrency exchange making it easy to buy and sell with an SMSF Cointree account.

A professional needs to handle the process of setting up a Crypto compliant SMSF. Usually they are also required to also hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. Therefore Cointree doesn’t provide the option to create one with their platform. Although if you already have a Self managed Super Fund Cointree makes it very easy for you to invest in cryptocurrency on their platform. You have the same functionality as you do when you sign up for an individual account, but also some specific reporting too.

If you are considering investing your SMSF into cryptocurrency, make sure you do your own research on the platform and ensure your SMSF is able to invest in cryptocurrency. If you are looking to set up an SMSF I would strongly suggest consulting your accountant or financial adviser first. 

Self managed Super Funds can have high costs involved and specific regulatory requirements to abide by. So you should consider this before using an SMSF to invest in Cryptocurrency.

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Tax Reporting

Everytime you are selling cryptocurrency you will trigger a capital gain event. This means that whenever you sell a cryptocurrency asset from your Cointree trading account a CGT event occurs. You will either be in a gain, loss or neutral position. If you are trading a lot, this soon becomes very hard to track via spreadsheets!

The Australian Tax Office is cracking down on Crypto investors, as such it’s important to have your crypto tax affairs in order. 

Fortunately Cointree supports integration with my favourite crypto tax reporting platform Koinly via API. This means that with a subscription from Koinly, you can have Australian tax compliant crypto reports.

Having a software platform like Koinly that will automate all your crypto tax reporting is a huge time and money saver. The last thing you want is to file your taxes incorrectly and have the ATO chasing you down a few years later!

You can learn more about Koinly in this Koinly Review. Cointree Australia and Koinly integrate via a simple API, Koinly then does all the heavy lifting for you and your accountant. 

If you want to manage your Crypto tax affairs automatically and for a small cost then it is worth checking out Koinly.

Bitcoin Prices
Bitcoin Prices

Cointree Review – FAQ’s

Hopefully you are enjoying this Cointree review so far. In case you had further questions regarding Cointree Australia and what the platform is about I have compiled a list of FAQs below.

The Sign-up Process

Signing up so you can start buying crypto was fast and simple with Cointree Australia. Cointree require id verification and must KYC users onto the platform as Cointree is a Digital currency exchange. This required a verification process and confirming my identity and setting up two factor authentication.

Upon completion of the verification process you will be able to make a bank transfer from your Australian bank account into your Cintree wallet. There are also other deposit methods, however they may incur a fee from the service provider.  Whereas a bank transfer from your bank account has no fees. 

Can I trust Cointree?

Cointree is a registered digital exchange with AUSTRAC. This means it has to adhere to their strict reporting requirements. As well as common law within Australia. Additionally their staff are trained regularly in security protocols and the app requires two factor authentication for all withdrawals.
Cointree Youtube

Who is Cointree for?

Cointree wants to make buying cryptocurrency like bitcoin easy for all their users. Cointree is a simple to use app and would suit anyone looking to trade or swap cryptocurrency. It isn’t for anyone looking to generate yield though.

Is Cointree a wallet?

Cointree offers users their own free personal wallet to store crypto assets. The Cointree wallets are hot wallets. This means you don’t hold the private keys to your Cointree wallet. Instead, the Australian exchange Cointree holds the assets on your behalf.

Is Cointree legitimate?

Cointree is a legitimate Australian digital currencies exchange registered with AUSTRAC. This means they must follow Australian consumer laws to protect Australian users.

How do I trade on Cointree?

All you need to do is open up an account, complete KYC requirements and deposit Australian dollars either via bank transfer or the other deposit methods. Once signed up you can start trading with Cointree.

Cointree Reviews
Asset prices

Is Cointree regulated?

Yes, Cointree is regulated by AUSTRAC, this means they must meet specific reporting and operational standards as a business. 

Is Cointree good?

Cointree offers users the ability to purchase physical Gold, pay bills with crypto and trade cryptocurrency. While it is not one of the best crypto exchanges, these features may appeal to you.

What services does Cointree offer?

Cointree enables its users the ability to purchase physical Gold, trade over 280+ cryptocurrencies and swap crypto for crypto. Additionally, Cointree users can review and pay their bills with crypto. Users can sign up with either an individual account or an SMSF. bank transfer. Bank transfer. Bank account. 

Cointree Gold
Cointree Gold

What is the best crypto exchange in Australia?

This will depend on your specific requirements. However Swyftx and Digital Surge are my top 2 favourites.

Does Cointree have an app?

No, Cointree doesn’t have a mobile app. Which given how most of their competitors do seems very strange.

Is Cointree Safe?

Yes. Cointree utilises multiple security protocols to ensure their platform is safe and secure. These protocols include hot and cold wallets, regular penetration testing, secure server network environment and controlled access to the platform. Nothing in this Cointree review is investment advice and you should check out the relevant product disclosure statement where applicable.

Is Cointree Worth It?

Hopefully you have found this Cointree review helpful and it has provided you more information regarding the platform. While Cointree has a great looking platform and some unique features like offering Gold or paying bills with crypto. I think it is lacking a bit compared to platforms like Digital Surge and Swfytx.

Reviewing Cointree fees shows they are higher than these platforms and also Cointree doesn’t offer yield or staking functionality. So if you are looking for a platform that can allow access to Gold it could be worth it, otherwise I would look elsewhere.

If you are after a platform that provides interest on bitcoin or Ethereum you could check out Celsius. Or if you want an alternative to trade and stake digital assets you could check out Swyftx.

Funding Options
Funding Options

Cointree Review – Pros & Cons


  • Physical Gold
  • Good educational content
  • Pay bills in crypto (Including bitcoin)
  • Volume based fee reduction


  • No staking functionality to earn yield
  • No Lending functionality to earn yield
  • There is no demo account
  • Not the cheapest fees on the market
  1. Swyftx – Most Trusted Australian Crypto Exchange
  2. 5.0

    The Best Australian Crypto exchange. Trade and Stake crypto with some of the lowest fees.

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  3. Digital Surge – Buy, Sell & Trade Crypto in Australia
  4. 5.0

    Digital Surge is the Cheapest place to Buy, Sell & Trade Crypto in Australia. Especially through a Trust or SMSF.

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Cointree Alternatives

Cointree Australia offers its users the option to buy and sell crypto, swap crypto and also pay bills using crypto. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer staking or yield from lending like some of its Australian based competitors. The alternative platforms to check out are Swyftx and Digital Surge.

Swyftx is the cryptocurrency exchange with the best range of features. Users can trade over 280+ supported cryptocurrencies and have access to great educational content. Additionally Swyftx provides users with the ability to stake crypto and earn daily rewards. 

You can check out my Swyftx review here if you want to see why it is a great platform to trade and stake cryptocurrency. 

Another great alternative to Cointree is Digital Surge. Digital Surge is a Brisbane based cryptocurrency exchange. It has the lowest fees and spreads on the market and also allows users to pay bills in crypto. While Digital Surge doesn’t enable staking it does offer over 280+ cryptocurrencies and has a great education platform.

Check out my Digital Surge review if you want to see why it could be a better alternative to Cointree.


Cointree Review – Conclusion

As I mentioned previously in this Cointree review, Cointree offers some unique features like physical Gold, crypto portfolios and the ability to pay bills in crypto. This is in addition to being able to buy and sell over 280+ different cryptocurrencies.

While these features are unique, I don’t think they are strong enough to counter the fact that Digital Surge and Swyftx have cheaper fees and lower spreads. Not to mention Swyftx provides staking functionality too. 

My verdict on Cointree is that it is probably best to avoid Cointree, unless you specifically want access to physical gold or to pay your bills with any cryptocurrency. Instead I would suggest looking at using Digital Surge or Swyftx instead. These platforms have greater functionality and lower fees.

Buy Crypto | Trade Crypto | Pay Bills with Crypto: Cointree

A Crypto exchange to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrency. You can pay bills in Crypto & and sign up with an SMSF.

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We earn a commission if you sign up to Cointree, at no cost to you.

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If you enjoyed this Cointree review and like the sound of accessing physical gold or paying bills in cryptocurrency then you can sign up here and receive $10 of BTC as a sign up bonus!

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