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In this review Australia, I will discuss what features the Cryptocurrency exchange offers its users. Including their popular crypto visa card, CRO token, crypto earn, crypto credit, NFT marketplace and their DeFi functionality to name a few. I will also review the fees and show you how to get started. I hope you enjoy this app review and find it valuable. – Trade, Earn, Borrow Crypto & Buy NFTs.

You can trade, earn, borrow and lend crypto with as well as buy NFTs and earn rewards on their Card.

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What is is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers users the ability to trade, swap, earn and spend crypto. Not to mention the ability to buy NFTs and reward users for holding its native token CRO. has over 10million users globally and is in over 90 countries with over 4,000 employees. It has made a massive push into sports and movie coverage with sponsorships of basketball stadiums, Formula 1 and the ad with Matt Damon. is a legitimate exchange and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence as well as being a registered digital currency exchange. This means is required to abide by Australian law and has strict requirements laid out by ASIC it must adhere to.

Some cool features that offers users include; CRO tokens, crypto visa card and the ability to earn interest on digital assets. Not to mention a newly released NFT marketplace and crypto backed loans. 

Additionally they have built the infrastructure to allow merchants to accept crypto payments. I will explore this array of features on offer more in this review Australia. Review Australia

Who owns was founded by Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Rafael Melo in 2016 as Monaco, and later changed the name to The founding team still serves as the executive team of today.

Kris is the CEO, Rafael the CFO and Bobby is Head of Capital. The mission of is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. With over 10 million users, and their global sports presence I would say they are well on their way to achieving this mission. 

How Does Work? is a global crypto exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital assets. As well as being able to earn interest, take crypto backed loans, buy NFTs and they offer crypto debit cards. also offers users the ability to hold a DeFi Wallet where they have full custody, and have access to DeFi earning protocols. This would be more suited to people familiar with the crypto ecosystem. provides easy to understand crypto investing with their simple trading fees structure and user interface. In addition their educational content is great and the visa card is a game changer.

Utility tokens have also been a great way for businesses to generate revenue and add value to their users. As such has their own native token, CRO token. Holders of CRO tokens will get added utility or value within the app. I will explore CRO tokens further in the review. Review Australia
The Mission Review Australia – Features

Investing in Cryptocurrency carries risk, due to volatile markets and a somewhat unregulated industry. Make sure you do your own research into what assets to buy. has many features for you to consider, including access to NFTs, DeFi, crypto backed loans and crypto interest to name a few. Keep reading below for further information on these features. Buy & Sell has a very simple user interface on their app which is the only way to access to be able to trade as a retail user. You are able to trade over 250+ different cryptocurrencies within the app. Additionally you can use 20+ fiat currencies in your crypto wallet.

There are maker and taker fees charged when trading crypto in the app. There are trading fee discounts based on the volume of your crypto trades. You are able to access a wide array of digital assets. Importantly once you have bought assets, they will sit in your Crypto wallet. If you intend to earn from staking, you will need to move them across. review Australia
De-Fi DeFi

The wallet provided within the app is a custodial wallet. However, has built out a DeFi wallet offering. This enables the user to have full custody of their assets as they have their keys to the wallet.

This is a similar offering to what Metamask or Phantom provide. Interestingly, this wallet also facilitates the user to access DeFi Earn and Swap protocols. Essentially unlocking the world of DeFi with a reputable brand and providing an all in one solution to crypto investors.

Your private keys are encrypted locally on your device with Secure Enclave, protected by Biometric and 2-Factor Authentication. All in all this is a pretty cool solution to offer their users everything under the one platform. Earn

Cryptocurrency platforms have been making a name for themselves by offering rewards significantly higher than what traditional banks do. This is no different for as they offer some impressive rewards for staking crypto. offers users the ability to earn interest for staking their digital assets. Users can select different lock up periods, which will impact the interest received. Another factor impacting interest rates will be how many CRO tokens a user has staked. The more CRO tokens staked the higher the interest a user will receive.

For example, interest gained on USDC with only 400 CRO tokens staked will get you a 6% interest rate, as opposed to 8% if you had 4,000 CRO tokens staked. This is a way they add value to their native token.

It can be a bit confusing figuring out the actual interest rate you will receive and some of the marketing is a bit misleading. You have to dig deeper to see the advertised rates are inclusive of their highest tier for CRO tokens. That said though, does offer competitive rewards through their earn program. Review Australia
CRO Token Token

The Cronos (CRO) token is the native utility token for Native tokens have become great ways to add extra value to users and also efficient ways of raising capital for businesses that offer them. rewards users that hold CRO tokens in a few different ways. One way that has already been mentioned is to reward users with higher interest rates earned on their digital assets. This is a great way to reward token holders and add value to the platform.

Additionally value is added for token holders with the visa card. The more CRO staked the higher the tier of the visa card users can access. With the higher tier also comes greater rewards, including larger crypto rewards and more premium subscriptions.  

Another way token holders receive value is discounted interest rates on crypto backed loans. The more CRO you have staked the lower your interest rate is and therefore the less you will have to pay off on your loan. Yet another great way to reward token holders and add value to the platform simultaneously.

If the tokenomics of a native token are managed correctly they can be extremely effective at adding value to the company and token holders. In turn this leads to a greater value add and more users wanting the token. Therefore increase the demand and subsequently the price. This is the flywheel effect. Card Card Visa Card

The visa card is a debit card that requires users to fund it through a bank transfer or another credit card. Users can’t spend what they dont have with this card, as such it is not a credit card like the Nexo card.

The debit card has a few different tiers for users to choose from. The tiers are determined by the amount of CRO you will stake for 6months. Ranging from nothing all the way up to $500,000 AUD worth of CRO staked.

The most relevant option for most people would be the Ruby Steel tier, as this only requires $500AUD worth of CRO staked. This is similar to the cost of what most credit cards in Australia are. The difference here though, is that you can always cash out your CRO after 6months if you want to. But if you do this, you will lose your rewards benefit. 

I view this as a $500 one off fee for access to a crypto rewards debit card. The longer you use your card the better value for money it becomes. Additionally,  if gets their tokenomics right your staked CRO may become worth even more. Review Australia
Card Features

Crypto Card Features

Some highlights of having a rewards debit card on the Ruby Steel tier include: 2% crypto rewards on all spend which is paid out in CRO. You will also receive a free subscription to Spotify and can withdraw up to $400 fee free from ATMs per month.

If you are prepared to stake more CRO some of the more premium tiers offer users up to 8% crypto rewards from their debit cards. Or Airport lounge access, Netflix subscriptions or in the higher tier a private jet partnership!

You can either spend crypto or fiat currencies from your debit card. If you wanted to add fiat currencies to your card, then you could send funds from your bank account. If you wish to top up your crypto holdings you can do this with either your fiat wallet, crypto wallet or use another debit/credit card.

I really like the idea behind this visa debit card and can’t wait to get mine. They are available in Australia, you just need to complete a few steps within the app and apply for one. The cool thing is the CRO rewards can be sold for fiat or traded for other crypto if you want to. So the rewards offer some versatility to the user, or you can keep holding and trying to increase your tier level. Review Australia
Collateral Borrow

Another feature from is the ability to borrow stablecoins against your digital assets. You can borrow up to 50% of the cryptocurrency you put up as collateral, with the interest rates depending on how much CRO you stake within the app.

There are risks involved with borrowing, especially using such a volatile asset as collateral. So make sure you are sure with what you are doing if this is something you are exploring.

Similar to other crypto platforms there are no credit checks required, just the crypto as collateral. This will mean that in serious market corrections Margin calls may occur. This would require you to either top up your collateral or pay back some of the loan so your assets aren’t sold.

Always do your own research and check this is something that suits your financial situation. NFT Marketplace NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

NFTs have taken off in the last couple of years, so it makes sense one of the biggest crypto platforms would want to get a piece of that action too. With some serious trading volumes there is a lot of revenue to be made from offering an NFT platform.’s NFT platform enables users to buy and sell NFTs as well as store them. It has been created as a direct competitor for the popular NFT marketplace Opensea. They have curated some interesting NFT drops and it will be really interesting to watch this space. Exchange exchange is their advanced trading platform. Users have access to greater charting and trading functionality for the advanced crypto traders. It offers users the ability to participate in derivatives and spot and margin trading. Volume based fees are also a factor with exchange. I would suggest avoiding this unless you are a professional trader. Review Australia – Education

The crypto market can be full of jargon and seem quite intimidating to new investors. I value great educational content from crypto platforms. Which is why I dedicate a whole section to it in each review. has done a great job of their educational content. They have called it Crypto University and have clearly defined different segments of the industry from DeFi to Blockchains. This enables users to learn specific aspects of the ecosystem and gradually increase their knowledge base.

Additionally has broken down the level of experience regarding each type of educational content. So as not to confuse a beginner with more advanced knowledge in the crypto space. I deem this as a mandatory feature for educational content, all in all I am very happy with’s educational content. Review Australia
Educational Content Review Australia – Fees

Fees should always be one of the key features to review when looking into cryptocurrency exchanges. Here I will review and discuss the trading fees of and see how they compare to other cryptocurrency exchanges. trading fees work off the maker/taker fee model. The maker adds liquidity to the order book through new orders. Whereas the taker fills the orders and removes liquidity from the order book. 

So for both the maker and taker fees start at 0.4% which are some of the lowest on the market. Take into consideration that if you want to buy crypto instantly using fiat currency from your debit or credit card there is a 3.5% fee. Currently has a special offer where they will waive these fees for the first 30 days. makes money through the spread which is higher than platforms like Swyftx and Digital Surge. Additionally they make a lot of revenue from CRO too, which helps keep costs down for their users elsewhere.

There are also no deposit fees, you can deposit fiat currency using PayID or BPAY. Additionally there are no withdrawal fees. The exception will be depending on the asset and a network fee may be applicable. Review Australia
Security Review Australia – SMSF 

I was unable to create a corporate account with and only set up an individual account. I am unsure if with further investigation I would be able to create an SMSF account. However, if it hasn’t been made easy to create an SMSF account then their reporting is likely to be substandard and cause all kinds of issues come the end of the Financial Year.

As such it is much better to use a crypto platform that specifically targets SMSF users and provides all the adequate reporting. Not to mention the protections and controls for the Trustees of the fund. Review Australia – Tax Reporting

One of the harder aspects of crypto investing is ensuring your tax affairs are in order. The ATO is paying particular attention to people that are cryptocurrency trading or crypto lending. As these activities are difficult to track.

There are complexities around Capital gain events upon disposal of digital assets. Fortunately there are plenty of automated tax reporting platforms that can assist. My personal favourite is Koinly.

Koinly integrates with via API and will automatically calculate your tax position from previous trading activity. As well as all your future crypto activity. There are many different tiers to choose from with Koinly, but their standard option tends to be the best value for money.

For a small fee you can save time and money on managing your Crypto tax affairs. If you want to manage your Crypto tax affairs correctly it is worth looking into Koinly. You can learn more about Koinly in this Koinly Review.

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    Crypto tax portfolio tracker that provides automated Country specific compliant tax reports and integration for your accountant to file your tax return.

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  3. Cryptocurrency Tax Software: TokenTax
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    Token Tax is a premium Cryptocurrency Tax Software, that provides country specific compliant Crypto Tax reports.

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    Lasso Brag Review Australia – FAQ’s

Hopefully you are enjoying this review so far. In case you had further questions regarding this review Australia and what the platform is about I have compiled a list of FAQs below.

The Sign-up Process

This process was extremely simple. You just need to download the app and sign up using our referral code. Follow the instructions which will ask for some personal information and an ID check. 

Once the verification process has been completed you will be able to deposit Fiat currency via bank transfer or PayID and get started investing immediately. Also you will be able to apply for a debit card straight away too.

Can I trust is registered in Australia with both ASIC and AUSTRAC. Not to mention it holds an AFSL which means it has serious regulatory guidelines to adhere to. So from a company governance point of view it would be very difficult for them to be untrustworthy.

Additionally they are registered in many other jurisdictions around the world, making them a global platform. This means they have entire teams ensuring their business remains compliant and follows relevant legislation. Numbers Numbers

Who is for? aims to accelerate the world’s adoption of cryptocurrency. Therefore they have provided a platform that is suitable for almost anyone. Their solution is an all in one platform that provides access to NFTs, DeFi, crypto loans, earning crypto interest, as well as a crypto rewards debit card.

Is a wallet? offers users their own cryptocurrency wallet within the app. This is a hot wallet and is also a custodian wallet. This means holds the assets on behalf of their users. For some this isn’t okay as they want to hold the keys to their own crypto.

That is why launched their own self custody wallet. This provides their users with the keys to their crypto and gives them access to the world of DeFi. You can download this wallet separately to the app.

Our Chosen Wallet
Ledger – Home of the first and only certified Hardware wallets | Ledger

A Ledger hardware wallet enable users to store their digital assets safely offline. This helps protect your crypto from hackers!

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We may earn a commission if you sign up to Ledger, at no cost to you.

Is legitimate? is a legitimate Australian digital currencies exchange registered with ASIC and AUSTRAC, additionally they hold an AFSL. Therefore they must adhere to Australian consumer laws to protect Australian users. Not to mention all the other global jurisdictions they are compliant in.

How do I trade on

Download the app, complete the KYC requirements and fund your account via bank transfer to get started investing. Once your account is funded you can select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and with a few clicks of a button purchase the asset. If you want advanced trading you can look at the exchange instead.

Is good? is a very solid all in one solution for people wanting a lot of versatility in their crypto platform. Their crypto rewards card, plus ability to earn interest and access to NFTs and the world of DeFi make it a great option. 

It was recently hacked, which has caused some concerns around security. Although the hack was quickly addressed, it has left a bad experience for some users. A good platform will be one that addresses all your needs.

NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace

What is the best crypto exchange in Australia?

The answer to this question will depend solely on what you need out of a crypto exchange. However, my 2 top favourite Australian exchanges are Swyftx and Digital Surge.

Does have an app?

You can only trade on via its mobile app, which is available on all app stores. If you want access to their advanced trading platform, exchange, then you can access this via desktop.

Is card available in Australia?

Yes, the visa card is available in Australia. You can sign up to the app and apply for your choice of tiered card. There is a bit of a waitlist to receive the card currently. But the awesome news is Australians can access it. promo code terms

💰 Bonus $25CRO
⌚ Payout term Single
🤝 Condition Sign Up For Card
⌛ Expiration date None referral code

Does have referral bonus?

Yes it does, you can use this link here and get $25CRO upon creating an account and making a valid transaction. 

Is Safe? has some of the highest level of security features available, which include storing all users assets in air gapped cold storage. Any US fiat currencies are protected up to $250,000 under the Custodian accounts. Unfortunately they were hacked in 2022, although have reassured users the security flaw has been fixed. Review Australia App

Is Worth It?

Hopefully you have found this review Australia helpful and it has provided you more information regarding the platform. If you like the sound of being able to earn crypto rewards from a debit card, or interest rewards, then may very well be worth it for you.

Additionally, if you want to have an all in one solution for your digital asset portfolio then their ability to offer DeFi, NFTs and crypto backed loans sounds very appealing. I really like as a platform and can;t wait for my Ruby Steel card to arrive.

If you are unsure it’s always best to speak to a professional. If you require a platform that provides interest on bitcoin or Ethereum you could check out Celsius. Or if you want an alternative to trade and stake digital assets you could check out Swyftx. Review Australia – Pros & Cons


  • Low fees 
  • Great educational content
  • Crypto rewards debit card
  • CRO Token
  • Crypto backed loans
  • Earn Interest
  • NFTs


  • Was hacked in 2022
  • Higher spreads
  • No demo account

Our Choice
Celsius Network – Earn Yield On Your Crypto!

Celsius is a great platform to earn weekly yield on your crypto. It also enables you to buy, sell, swap, transfer and borrow crypto too.

$50BTC Sign Up Bonus! Our Review
We may earn a commission if you sign up to Celsius, at no extra cost to you. Review Australia – Alternatives

The Australia app offers its users a crypto rewards debit card and the ability to take out crypto backed loans, all while earning interest on a user’s crypto assets. While this is a great offering, there are a couple of other alternative platforms to consider Celsius and BlockFi.

Celsius is my favourite crypto lending platform, that offers users interest, crypto backed loans and the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Users earn weekly interest on their assets and it offers users a native token. Not to mention an upcoming crypto rewards card too.

You can check out my Celsius Review here if you want to see why it is a great platform to earn interest from your crypto.

BlockFi also offers their users access to crypto backed loans, crypto interest accounts and a crypto rewards credit card. While they don’t have a native token and their credit card isn;t available in Australia yet, they are an alternative option to

You can learn more about BlockFi in my BlockFi review. Review Australia – Conclusion is a great platform for users that want to have a crypto rewards debit card. Or for anyone wanting access to crypto backed loans or earn crypto rewards from solid interest rates. Additionally it is a great platform for users that want an all in one solution for their crypto portfolio.

You can access an NFT marketplace and the world of DeFi all while having the ability to trade hundreds of digital assets, from a globally recognised crypto platform. In conclusion this review highlights how is a very good option to consider using. – Trade, Earn, Borrow Crypto & Buy NFTs.

You can trade, earn, borrow and lend crypto with as well as buy NFTs and earn rewards on their Card.

$25CRO Sign Up Bonus!
We earn a commission if you sign up to, at no extra cost to you. Review Australia – Sign Up Bonus

If you enjoyed this review and have made up your mind that you are ready to invest with Then you can sign up here and receive $25USD as a sign up bonus!

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