Save Money

Whether you need or want to save money for a house deposit, wedding or rainy day – we have you covered. Through the use of budgets, savings apps and targeted saving strategies it’s possible to save up a nice nest egg without losing your luxuries!


There are multiple budgeting strategies you can use. Ranging from quite tough to very easy to follow, but all have a great result.

Saving Apps

Technology has made saving so simple. Through the use of Apps and round up technology it has never been easier to save without even trying!

Targeted Saving

Targeted Saving strategies are ones with a specific goal in mind. These will often lead to faster results and greater saving outcomes due to their nature.

Start Here Before Saving

  1. Before you do anything else, make sure you download my FREE Financial Foundations Ebook. This Ebook runs through the financial foundations you should have in place to succeed financially.
  2. Before you start saving you should have a goal. This is going to be your reason “why” you are saving. Having this savings goal should really help motivate you on your savings journey. So make sure the goal you set is appropriate, for help on goal setting read this post.
  3. Once you have set your goal, you need to figure out if you prefer to track your savings goal via pen & paper, or using technology. If you like technology you can read this post about my favourite saving & budgeting apps to help you achieve your goal.

Save Money:

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